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Markets Training Training
 Markets Training
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4-7 Jun 2019  4 days£3675.00London
1-4 Jul 2019  4 days$3675.00London
13-16 Aug 2019  4 days£3675.00London

 Summer Intern Financial Markets

The principal objectives of the four-day seminar are:

n  To provide an integrated, coordinated, and effective internship training program

n  To ensure interns have a thorough introduction to the city and financial markets

n  To give interns an understanding of the business of banking

n  To enable interns to make an effective contribution to the work of the desks where they are assigned

n  To lay a solid foundation of knowledge on which interns can build

n  To ensure that participants are familiar with fixed income, equity, and derivative products, and their application in practice

n  To ensure that all concepts are put into immediate practice, using simulation and intensive interactive case studies, to consolidate the learning process

n  To consolidate the learning experience by giving interns access to state-of-the-art pricing, valuation, analytical and trading software




After attending this program, interns will:

n  Gain a clear understanding of the functions of the financial markets

n  Understand how the fixed income, equity, and derivatives markets work

n  Have applied theory to practice through the use of realistic simulations

n  Be able to identify some of the risks involved in the financial marketplace

n  Have acquired skills as well as knowledge which can be used within their internship




"The material was not delivered in a vacuum. The instructor always had an example / actual article to illustrate his point, so the class turned out to be a lot more interesting about real-life markets."

– Heajun H.